Chapter 841 Good And Wealthy Life

Early next morning…

After the two little ones woke up, they did not head downstairs to the living room or make lots of noise, but went into Jiang Sese's bedroom together.

“Brother, come here!”

Tiantian waddled over to the bed on her stubby legs, stepped on the couch at the edge of the bed, and climbed onto bed.

She then motioned to Xiaobao, who was standing by the bed. Her eyes were as large and shiny as grapes.

Xiaobao hesitated for a while but finally could not resist and climbed onto the bed.

Jiang Sese’s body was sore and she was deeply asleep. She did not even feel it when the two little ones climbed on.

“Daddy. Wake up, Daddy.”

Tiantian's little body crawled over Jin Fengchen, then sat next to his head.

Her tiny hands patted Jin Fengchen's cheeks as she said in a soft voice, “Daddy, get up and play with me!”

Jin Fengchen frowned and opened his eyes. He saw his little princess sweetly smiling at him, showing off her row of white milk teeth, which made his heart soften.

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