Chapter 85 Do Good Deeds without Recognition

The assistant hung up the phone and reflected on the fact that the president really treated Miss Jiang very well. He couldn’t be careless with this task so he got on with it immediately.

The take-out was delivered once Jiang Sese and Xiaobao finished hanging the portrait on the wall.

After the three of them had dinner, the father and son were ready to leave. Jiang Sese went downstairs to see them off.

Xiaobao hugged her and said, "Aunt Sese, my birthday is the day after tomorrow. Please don't forget that you're invited."

Jiang Sese nodded. Of course she hadn't forgotten about Xiaobao's birthday.

"Yes, I will be there on time."

"Yay, I'll see you then."

Xiaobao waved goodbye then got in the car with Jin Fengchen.

Jiang Sese watched their car leave with a smile and then went upstairs.


Jiang Sese received a phone call from the realtor the next morning.

"Morning. Is that Miss Jiang?"

"Speaking," Jiang Sese answered, "Who is that?"

"Miss Jiang, I'm the realtor. I saw the in
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