Chapter 850 You Are Her Daughter?

Over the next two days, Fang Xueman was held in the ICU, and Jiang Sese’s worry only intensified.

No matter how Jin Fengchen, as well as Master and Madam Jin comforted her, Jiang Sese’s heart was constantly caught in her throat.

Time passed slowly, and Fang Xueman’s condition did not improve.

One day, Jiang Sese went to see the doctor to better understand Fang Xueman’s condition. When she was leaving the office she bumped into Fang Yuchen who was dressed in a high-quality suit and had a remarkable bearing.

“Cousin?” Jiang Sese greeted him and smiled politely. “Why are you here?”

Fang Yuchen had spotted her and he stopped before he smiled warmly. “Grandpa wants to see you earlier, are you free today?”

When she heard this, Jiang Sese paused before she said, “I am free, but I did not prepare anything.”

She had originally planned to go and pick something a day before the party. She did not expect that Old Man Fang would suddenly want to meet her.

Plans truly could not keep
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