Chapter 851 Is She Ashamed To See Me

Fang Yuchen then continued, “At the time, he kept telling Aunty, your dad is not a good man. However, for the sake of your dad, Aunty cut off ties with the family. The moment she left, she has been gone for so long.”

Fang Yuchen did his best to lighten the atmosphere. He brought up the things he talked about two days ago.

“Therefore even now the old man is still rather annoyed about it. Sese, don’t mind him.”

Fang Yuchen smiled as he said to Jiang Sese.

Old Man Fang glared at Fang Yuchen when he heard him bring up old wounds. He cleared his throat loudly and said, “Nobody will think you’re mute if you don’t speak.”

This slightly gruff response made Jiang Sese feel that Old Man Fang did not seem to be as stern as he made himself to be.

Honestly, if one were to put themselves in his shoes, his beloved daughter had eloped with a fellow who had nothing, and this had happened in those days.

It was good enough that Old Man Fang did not disown Fang Xueman.

Furthermore, he was
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Pushpa Wood
I don’t think this story will ever finish!

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