Chapter 853 No Way

After dinner, the three of them chatted for a long while more, but Fang Yuchen was worried about Old Man Fang’s health, and he nagged him to go home earlier.

Only then did Old Man Fang get up very unwillingly, and he walked out with Jiang Sese and Fang Yuchen supporting him on either side.

Jiang Sese walked Old Man Fang to his car.

Before he left, Old Man Fang wound down the car window and reminded Jiang Sese, “Sese, on the day of my birthday party, remember to bring that fellow Jin Fengchen with you.”

In the end, no matter if Old Man Fang knew Jiang Sese was living well, he still wanted to meet Jin Fengchen himself.

He wanted to see for himself if Jin Fengchen really was sincerely treating Jiang Sese well.

Perhaps this was excessive.

However, old people were like that.

“Don’t worry Grandpa, I’ll bring Fengchen along.” Jiang Sese promised with a nod.

Just before Fang Yuchen drove off, he popped his head out of the door to ask, “Sese, do you really not need a ride?”

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Marifel Chavez
how can see remember old jin?

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