Chapter 854 This Is For You


The old man covered his mouth and cleared his throat a few times as he kept his other hand behind his back. He played the role of the grumpy elder well.

He glanced at Jin Fengchen, before he huffed, “For Sese’s sake, I’ll let you pick anything!”

Jin Fengchen stifled a laugh at the old man’s feigned sternness.

He knew nobody could resist his wife when she acted so coquettishly.

Even a grumpy old man like his grandfather would not be able to do anything but give in when she did that.

The old man gave Jin Fengchen a bad-tempered glare when he saw that Jin Fengchen was laughing at him. He was like a child throwing a tantrum.

He turned and switched to a pleasant smile when he spoke gently to Jiang Sese, afraid that if he raised his voice, he would frighten her.

“Girl, pick whatever you like! Grandpa still has enough things lying around to give to you.”

“Grandpa, I think that piece of red jade in your store…”

Jin Fengchen spoke casually, intentionally dragging out t
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