Chapter 857 An Impostor

This hostility, which was uncalled for, confused Jiang Sese, but she paid it no mind.

Fang Yuchen noticed as well. He led the family to a refreshment area before he poured two cups of juice for Tiantian and Xiaobao.

He then said to Jiang Sese, “That person to the left is our Eldest Uncle.”

He lifted his chin in the direction of the person he spoke of, signaling Jiang Sese to look.

Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen turned to follow his gaze.

A middle-aged man and woman were standing shoulder to shoulder. The man was tall and lanky, and he did not have a pleased look on his face. He had a shrewd air about him.

Meanwhile, the woman by his side seemed to be twice his size. Her face was thick with flab.

Even her ostentatious makeup and dress could not cover up the air of ruthlessness around her.

A well-mannered young man in a suit stood next to them. He looked similar to the couple.

Jiang Sese gave him a longer look. When Fang Yuchen noticed this, he explained, “That’s Eldest Un
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