Chapter 860 Instant Karma

Jing Liuyue and the others paid no heed to Eldest Uncle’s words. They simply strode over to Jin Fengchen.

“Brother Chen, long time no see!”

“I’ve been thinking of you all this while, and now finally we meet.”

“Brother Chen!”

The greeting of ‘Brother Chen’ by the three of them made Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle, as well as their families stop in shock.

Brother Chen, this greeting was not for Fang Yuchen.

“Who is Brother Chen?”

“I don’t know. Let’s watch and see.”

The guests gossiped among themselves, curious at the greeting from the trio’s mouth.

How honored was this person that it could make these three illustrious young men call him brother?

The problem was they were not even aware that this person had attended the party.

Eldest Uncle plucked up his courage to ask, but the trio ignored him.

Yun Moheng took the lead and walked towards Jin Fengchen.

Ji Dongtang and Jing Liuyue followed behind him.

“Brother Chen, I heard from Fengyao recently that you we
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when this book finnish I cry a lot already for jeang sese hoping end this book for good story it's already long but jeang sese always suffer

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