Chapter 861 Disgusting

“His name is Jin Fengchen.”

Fang Yuchen’s voice was neither soft nor loud, but it was enough to be heard by Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, and their families as well as the nearby guests.

Jin Fengchen. Back then, his name was like a thunderclap.

However, after he left the country and Jin Fengyao took over affairs at the Jin family’s domestic interests, his reputation slowly waned.

However, there were still those who remembered Jin Fengchen well.

Therefore, after Fang Yuchen said this name, everyone was shocked.

Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, and their families were all gaping in surprise.

“Jin, Jin Fengchen? You don’t mean that Jin family?” Eldest Uncle slapped his head. He gulped before asking the question.

Fang Yuchen smiled widely when he saw Eldest Uncle’s bewildered look. He nodded his head smugly, while at the same time not forgetting to add, “Yes, that Jin family. Would he even be phased by your family’s paltry fortunes?”

The insult was unexpected.

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