Chapter 862 Too Scheming

Fang Yiming stared at Yun Moheng and company standing around and chatting with Fang Yuchen.

This opportunity was supposed to be his!

Fang Yiming gritted his teeth in anger, his eyes turning red.

Hearing his mother’s words, he looked away and said hatefully, “Or is it that Fang Yuchen is just too scheming?”

“He knew who Jin Fengchen was beforehand but didn’t bother to tell us. Is it not for this moment?”

Fang Yiming placed all the blame for this missed opportunity squarely on Fang Yuchen’s innocent shoulders.

He blamed Fang Yuchen for not telling them, but at the same time, he forgot that he never gave Fang Yuchen the chance to speak in the first place.

Eldest Uncle waved his hand with a hard look on his face.

“No matter what, after this, you best get along well with Sese. Are you worried another opportunity won’t come?”

Eldest Aunty nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, on Second Uncle’s side, they were making the same plans as well.

Second Aunty grabbed one son in each
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