Chapter 863 Ten Years Passed Like A Day

As soon as they walked through the door, the old butler came to greet them.

“Old Master, you’ve returned.”

“Yeah.” Old Man Fang nodded.

“These are…” Seeing the people behind Old Man Fang, the old butler paused.

The old man briefly introduced them, and the old butler quickly smiled and welcomed them as well.

Jiang Sese led the children in and then looked around the house.

This home had a very simple air to it. Everything looked and smelled old. The furniture and fittings were the same, and there were many paintings on the wall.

It was very spacious, but there were not many people.

From a quick count, there was only the butler and a few servants.

Fang Yuchen stood next to Jiang Sese and explained quietly, “Grandpa doesn’t like crowds, so usually this big mansion will only be inhabited by him, the butler, and a few others.”

Jiang Sese nodded in understanding.

They then followed Old Man Fang in single file to the main hall.

“Arrange their rooms for them in a while
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