Chapter 865 Thoughtful Man

“Oh, right. Dad should be done with his herb garden now.” Shang Ying said.

They returned to the main hall. When they arrived, Old Man Fang was already seated and enjoying his tea.

When he noticed the arrival of the group, he immediately placed his teacup down. He smiled and asked, “Where did you guys go? You took so long.”

“I already finished a pot of tea by the time you guys came back.”

Shang Ying replied first with a smile. “Sese asked about mom, and she wanted to pay her respects. So, we brought her to the ancestral hall. That’s why we took so long.”

Old Man Fang was startled when he heard the explanation. Then, he could barely conceal his delight as he smilingly nodded. “Good, good.”

He was very touched by Sese’s kind thoughts.

Sese was already married into the Jin family, but she still cared about her family. It was more than enough for him.

Old Man Fang thought about his two useless sons after that. His sons only cared about how to secure a bigger portion of inheritance a
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