Chapter 866 Things You Can’t Take With You When You Die

That was why Old Man Fang did not ask Jin Fengchen and Jiang Sese to stay, even though he wished to stay with Jiang Sese and her family longer.

“Hmm.” Old Man Fang grunted as a reply. Then, he said, “Let Ah Chen send you guys off.”

“Then… Ah Chen, can you send us to the hotel?”

Jiang Sese did not have any objections. When they came to the Fangs’ place, it was by Old Man Fang’s car. Now they had to return to the hotel to collect their car.

Before leaving, she politely told Old Man Fang, “Grandfather, we’ll visit you again soon.”

Fang Yuchen nodded to his parents, then followed Jiang Sese and her family out.

Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle still wanted to say something, but Old Man Fang glared at them, shutting them right up.

He thought that he could spend the day with his granddaughter. His plan was ruined by his useless sons.

How would he have felt?

At the hotel…

Jiang Sese felt relaxed when he finally got back into Jin Fengchen’s car.

When Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle were
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