Chapter 869 Returning to France

Fang Xueman was a little stunned when she heard Fang Yuchen’s name.

Her memories of the past instantly flooded her thoughts.

How many years had it been since she heard that name?

Fang Xueman was a little teary as sadness flowed through her veins. “W…When did your cousin find you? Did he say anything?”

When she came back to her senses, Fang Xueman gripped Jiang Sese’s hand tightly and looked at her with hopeful, nervous eyes.

Jiang Sese held Fang Xueman’s cold hands.

She paused a little, then deliberately told her the main point.

“He said Grandfather has been searching for you. He wanted to meet you on his eightieth birthday.”

Fang Xueman tightened her grip unconsciously.

She should have known…

She always remembered his father’s birthday.

Jiang Sese stopped for a while before continuing. “However, you were still in a coma then. I didn’t tell Grandfather that you were sick. Mom, I went to his birthday party on your behalf. You’re not mad, right?”

Fang Xueman sniffed a littl
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