Chapter 870 Newly Developed Medicine

To Jiang Sese, Fu Jingyun’s parents were like her parents as well.

They would be seeing each other less often from now on since Jiang Sese would be living in her home country permanently.

Jiang Sese would miss them very much.

“Sese, we’re happy as long as you’re well.”

Madam Fu hugged Tiantian in one of her arms, then reached with her other to hold Jiang Sese’s hand. “There’s a saying that ‘there is no never-ending feast’. We are happy so long as you remember us! Take care and live well.”

Her smile was kind, and the way she looked at Jiang Sese was like looking at her dearest daughter.

Jiang Sese was touched and choked up a little. She was at a loss for words.

“Child, don’t be so sad. You’re always welcome here.” Master Fu patted Jiang Sese’s shoulder and smiled kindly.

Jiang Sese’s tears rolled down her cheeks. “Thanks, Mom, Dad.”

“Sese, don’t cry. Come and find us if you feel unhappy. This is your home too.”

Madam Fu felt sorry seeing Sese’s tears. She reached out her hands
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