Chapter 875 Retirement

Madam Jin and Master Jin brought Xiaobao to the airport to pick up Jiang Sese and her family.

The moment Xiaobao saw Jiang Sese, he could not hold back further and dashed toward her like a small cannonball.


He called out with his crisp, childlike voice. Jiang Sese bent down with a smile and caught the dashing little boy in her arms.

She picked up Xiaobao and rubbed his smooth little face. “Xiaobao, I missed you!”

“I missed Mommy too! Tiantian and daddy too!”

Master Jin and Madam Jin walked over to them. They kept telling her how Xiaobao kept whining about how his Mommy was still not home and so on.

They then happily returned to the Jin residence by car.

This time, Jiang Sese and her family would permanently reside back home.

When they reached home, dinner was already prepared by the maids.

The Jin family home had been quiet for a while. With Jiang Sese and her family’s return, the home was once again lively.

“Tiantian, come over here. I’ll get you some fish.”

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