Chapter 876 Declaration

Jin Fengchen carried a strong aura around him. The staff did not dare to say anything in his presence.

The moment he got in the elevator, the office became lively.

“Do our eyes deceive us?”

“Our Mister President is back!”

The female staff were very excited.

Jin Fengchen ordered his assistant to call for a board meeting.

Even though he had not returned to the office for a long time, he was still in power.

Most of the board members do not come to the office normally.

The moment they were summoned for a meeting with Jin Fengchen, they did not dare to delay further and rushed to the office.

While waiting for the board member’s arrival, Jin Fengchen took the opportunity to refamiliarize himself with the company’s matters.

“President Jin, long time no see!”

“President Jin.”

The board members smilingly greeted and nodded at Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen nodded back at them indifferently and had them seated.

Then, he went straight to the point and announced that Master Jin had hand
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