Chapter 877 Taking Over The Jin Group

This was not the first time Tiantian had attended such a lively venue. She blinked and looked at her daddy.

She then adorably took Xiaobao’s hand and smugly followed behind the two adults.

The spotlight was on the family of four.

Jiang Sese wore a light blue gown. Her long hair was tied into a loose bun. Her skin was very fair, and she had no excessive jewelry on her.

She seemed extraordinary and noble. Every move she made exuded her grace.

The two children behind her were needless to say, enough to draw the adoration of all of the matrons there.

The socialites were all looking at Jin Fengchen holding Jiang Sese’s hand, their faces full of envy.

A minority of the socialites who still harbored hopes for Jin Fengchen got rid of those hopes when they saw Jiang Sese.

It went without saying that Jiang Sese’s grace and charm were impeccable, but what was more important was that Jin Fengchen’s love for his wife was famous!

He was basically the image of Romeo, madly in love w
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