Chapter 878 You Really Are My Brother

“Thank you.” Jin Fengchen replied flatly for the sake of being polite.

Jiang Sese could tell from Fang Cheng’s look in his eyes. Her uncle was here to make connections.

“Uncle Fang Cheng, since you’re already here you may as well come in and have fun.” Jiang Sese took the initiative to invite Fang Cheng in.

In any case, others were watching. Even if she did not want to see Fang Cheng, she had to keep up the appearance of being polite.

Fang Cheng had expected this. He immediately grinned when he heard Jiang Sese’s words.

Jiang Sese called for someone to serve Fang Cheng a drink before she returned to the ballroom with Jin Fengchen.

The two children had been with Jin Fengyao for some time now, and they rushed over when they saw their parents.

Fang Cheng had no qualms seeing Jiang Sese and her husband staying far away from him.

Ever since that meal at the old Fang residence that day, he knew that Jin Fengchen did not have a good impression of him and it would be difficult f
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