Chapter 88 Sparrow That Wants to Be a Phoenix

Jin Fengchen would indeed be preoccupied that night and didn't have much time to take care of Jiang Sese. After thinking about it, he said, "Then I'll leave Xiaobao to you."

She wouldn't be bored with Xiaobao around.

"Sure, sure, I'll stay here with Auntie Sese. You can stop worrying, Daddy! I'll take good care of her."

Xiaobao was elated, looking like he couldn't wait to send his father off so the latter wouldn't disturb his time with Jiang Sese.

Helplessness flitted across Jin Fengchen's eyes. In his rich, mellow voice, he said, "I'll be heading over then."


Jiang Sese nodded. After watching him leave, she took Xiaobao around.

They were strolling when they ran into Su Qingyin when the latter walked out of the washroom.

"What a coincidence, Miss Jiang."

"Miss Su." Jiang Sese greeted her with a smile.

Su Qingyin's eyes flickered when she spotted Xiaobao beside Jiang Sese. She was about to say something when Xiaobao tugged on Jiang Sese's hand and said, "I'm hungry, Aunt
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