Chapter 880 What This SA Group Is

Watching Fang Cheng full of anger, yet unable to show it, Jin Fengyao smiled maliciously.

He then looked down at the documents in his hands.

After thinking about it for a while, Jin Fengyao decided to hand them over to Jin Fengchen.

It was just as he said just now.

Business was business. Even if Fang Cheng was unlikeable, they were businessmen.

They could not give up any chance to do business.

Jin Fengyao walked to the Chairman’s office with the documents in hand.

“Bro… Chairman.”

Jin Fengyao opened the door and quickly changed his tone when he saw there were others inside.

Jin Fengchen looked up at Jin Fengyao. He then nodded lightly at the employee who was giving a progress report to signal him to leave.

After the employee left, Jin Fengyao naturally walked up to Jin Fengchen and placed the documents in his hand on the desk and pulled up a chair to sit.

“That Eldest Uncle is really here to talk business. Bro, take a look. He brought this.”

Jin Fengchen made a s
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