Chapter 882 No Small Sum

In order to get the quickest response, Fang Cheng was not ashamed to use his identity to bully his way through.

The receptionist could not help but pout slightly.

Even though Chairman Jin had told them no matter what nobody could enter without an appointment.

However… the person before her was the uncle of Chairman Jin’s wife.

The Chairman’s love for his wife was no secret.

At that moment the receptionist was in a spot. Finally, she could only smile apologetically.

“Sir, I’ll call up for you, okay?”

Fang Cheng nodded very agreeably. “Okay.”

What a joke, he still remembered what Jin Fengyao said to him.

If they wanted to work together, they could not set the bar too high.

The receptionist sighed and called Jin Fengyao.

Low-level staff like her had no authority to contact Jin Fengchen. They could only call Gu Nian.

After Gu Nian hung up, he went to Jin Fengchen’s office and asked for his opinion.

Usually, Gu Nian would immediately refuse any normal person who di
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