Chapter 888 Assessment

“Hello, hello.” Fang Yiming nodded at Aaron.

Aaron greeted him politely. Without wasting any more words, he stood behind Pierce in an orderly manner.

It was easy to tell that he had been trained.

“Where’s the other party?” Pierce asked impatiently, looking around.

Jin Fengchen remained impassive, quietly assessing Pierce.

“He’s here, he’s here.”

Fang Yiming and Fang Cheng smiled as they led Pierce to Jin Fengchen’s side.

“This is Pierce, the person in charge of the SA Group.”

Fang Cheng first introduced Pierce before he introduced Jin Fengchen to Pierce. “This is Feng Jin, he’s the herb vendor who supplies Western Regions Chinese Aconite to me.”

This introduction was prearranged by Jin Fengchen with Fang Cheng.

As for why Jin Fengchen gave such instructions, they were not too sure why.

However, they knew that Jin Fengchen was someone that they had to suck up to. They would do whatever Jin Fengchen told them to.


Jin Fengchen stretched his hand out pol
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