Chapter 891 Get Him On Side

After Fang Cheng left, Jin Fengchen headed directly to the office. He began to look through the numerous documents the general manager, Liu Dong had personally delivered to him.

When noon came, his phone suddenly rang. Jin Fengchen put down the pen in his hand and glanced at the caller identification.

When he picked up, a somewhat familiar voice was heard. “Is this Mr. Feng? It’s me, Pierce. Are you free now?”

Jin Fengchen was unsurprised. He had expected this. He arched his brows slightly and pretended to be surprised as he said, “It’s you Mr. Pierce. Can I help you?”

“Shall we have lunch later?”

When Jin Fengchen heard this, he knew that Pierce was hooked.

However, he did not rush. He simply said apologetically, “I’m truly sorry Mr. Pierce, but I don’t think I can make it for lunch. I have a sudden meeting to attend. I’ll be done around 2pm, will you be free then?”

Truthfully, the company usually would not arrange for meetings over the lunch break.

He just wanted to b
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Ashley Jones
This story is way too long. I'm so close to just giving up

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