Chapter 893 Don’t Look At Me Like That

When Tiantian heard this, she held on tightly to Jin Fengchen’s neck and said coquettishly, “Daddy, I wasn’t naughtly. I always listened to mommy!”

Seeing her act like that, Xiaobao could not help but add. “I don’t know who purposefully spilled gravy on their dress.”

Tiantian immediately jumped out of Jin Fengchen’s arms and turned to look at Xiaobao as she huffed. “Big brother! Didn’t you say that you’ll be on my side!”

When Xiaobao saw this he immediately ran behind Jiang Sese’s back and grinned impishly at Tiantian.

Seeing the both of them having fun, Jin Fengchen let them play for a while more before he said, “Alright, Xiaobao, give your sister some space. Have you finished your homework today? Let me see.”

The moment Xiaobao heard that it was time to check the homework, he rushed up the stairs to his room. Tiantian followed closely behind him.

A moment later, the siblings came out of the room.

Xiaobao handed over the plaque in his hands to Jin Fengchen and looked up.
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