Chapter 9 Felt Deceived

"Huh? What do you mean by soon?"

It took Jin Fengyao a few seconds to process this information.

Gu Nian was similarly bewildered.

They exchanged confused looks before turning to look at Jin Fengchen in unison.

Jin Fengchen didn't explain. He maintained his indifferent expression as if he hadn't just dropped a bomb.

It made them feel like they had just experienced an illusion.

Excitement quickly lit up Jin Fengyao's expression. "B-brother… I didn't mishear you, did I? Did you just say you're going to get married soon?"

Jin Fengchen looked at him coldly. "You misheard me."

"No, no, absolutely not! How could I? Gu Nian, you heard him, didn't you? He just said he's getting married soon! He said soon, oh my God…"

Jin Fengyao had a hard time calming down.

This news was too shocking to him.

As expected of his older brother!

Jin Fengchen was someone who suppressed his desires as calmly as a monk; a man who might not even react when drugged!

Yet he said that he would be getting married soon!

"Who? Who do you have your eye on? Which rich young lady is it? What does she look like? Is she pretty? Does she have a good figure?"

The Second Young Master of the Jin family began to ask about his brother's partner like an old parent that was worried sick about his child getting married.

Jin Fengchen leaned on his chair, unperturbed. He thumbed through his document gracefully, looking like he didn't hear his brother.

Now deeply curious, the Second Young Master of the Jin family put aside his pride and said, "Brother… My dear brother, I will do all your work and attend the celebration tonight. Can't you tell me who the woman is?"

Jin Fengchen was annoyed at how noisy his brother was. He looked at him coldly. "Leave!"

"No way! You still haven't said who she is! How can you string me along and then not tell me? That's very rude!"

Jin Fengyao refused to let the conversation end. He looked as if he would lay down on the floor of the office until his brother told him.

Jin Fengchen threatened him. "Would you like to spend three months in Africa?"

Instantly, Jin Fengyao felt like he would choke and tear up.

"This shouldn't happen!"

His curious questions became stuck in his throat. To think that his brother would keep this from him! He was sure that not knowing would cost him his sleep and appetite tonight!


At Furong Park...

Jiang Sese was overjoyed to be released from work and stayed home to take care of Xiaobao.

Xiaobao was docile and followed her like a little wagging tail.

In the evening, she took him outside, for fear that he would be bored. She brought home a bunch of groceries, having planned to cook a feast for the little thing at night.

She was certain that this would be their last dinner.

Jin Fengchen wouldn’t sleep on that cramped couch forever. It went without saying that Xiaobao wouldn't keep staying with her either.

Though she was sorry to see Xiaobao leave, she understood that this was all just a miraculous encounter. Once the father and son returned to the Jin family home, their connection would be severed.

Jin Fengchen arrived at her home in the evening as promised.

Jiang Sese wasn't surprised. She let him in and said, "Dinner is ready. If you don't mind, you can eat here before bringing Xiaobao home."

Jin Fengchen looked satisfied. "Of course, I don't mind. I brought Xiaobao's clothes over."

She looked at him, stupefied, not quite understanding what he meant for a moment.

Jin Fengchen added, "Xiaobao doesn't look like he's willing to leave. So I'm here with a proposition for you, Miss Jiang. Can you continue to let Xiaobao stay with you?"

Jiang Sese was stunned. "Um… That's not appropriate, is it?"

Even though she adored Xiaobao, she couldn't look after him all day long.

Jin Fengchen could read her mind. Putting on a solemn expression, he said, "I know it's a lot of trouble for you, but… please help me, Miss Jiang. I will be honest. Xiaobao has signs of mild autism. You can't usually tell, but whenever he's upset, he will lock himself inside his room and throw things around. He even hurts himself. I once saw a psychiatrist about this who has been taking care of him with extreme care, but there's still no way to solve this problem."

He continued, "Xiaobao doesn't usually stick to anyone, yet he is very interested in you. That's why I'm asking such a presumptuous favor of you."

Jiang Sese felt very conflicted after hearing his explanation.

She never thought that Xiaobao would have such a condition.

He didn't at all look like it. She even suspected that Jin Fengchen was lying to her.

But on second thought, it didn't benefit him in any way to lie to her. On the contrary, she was the one who was promised a reward of 100,000 yuan thanks to Xiaobao.

Considering this, she lost any reason to refuse this favor. "I have known Xiaobao for less than two days, so I don't think I have such an influence on him. But… it's fine if you want to keep him here, but I can't look after him during the day. I have to work."


Pleased that he had attained his goal, Jin Fengchen changed the topic and said, "Dinner is ready, isn't it? I'm hungry."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, it's ready. I will set the table now."

It was only after she spoke that Jiang Sese realized that something was off.

Why did she feel like a wife welcoming her husband home?


This thought frightened and horrified Jiang Sese. She wondered if she was sick in the head.

By the time dinner was over, she was beginning to pray for Jin Fengchen to leave soon.

Unfortunately, it seemed that heaven above seemed set on going against her wishes. Thunder rumbled and a torrential rain soon poured down without showing any signs of letting up.

Jiang Sese looked out of the window with a sullen gaze.

Interest flickered in Jin Fengchen's eyes. He said, "Miss Jiang, I will go home now if there's nothing else. I'm leaving Xiaobao to you."

"Huh? You're leaving now? It's still raining," Jiang Sese replied in surprise, her eyes widened.

Jin Fengchen said nonchalantly, "The forecast says that the heavy rain will last throughout the night. It won't stop any time soon. It's also getting late. I won't disturb you any longer."

Jiang Sese became conflicted after hearing what he said.

It would be so dangerous to drive in such weather.

If anything happened to him, she wouldn't be able to face it.

"Um… If you don't mind, why don't you spend the night on my couch?" she asked somewhat awkwardly.

Amusement flitted past Jin Fengchen's pupils. Without even a word of refusal, he said, "Don't mind if I do."

For some reason, Jiang Sese felt like she had been deceived.
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