Chapter 903 Discussion

Several glass vials and test tubes lay on the table in front of them. Mo Xie sighed. “The pathogen is more terrifying than we thought. Fortunately, this time it was only a small outbreak. If it’s more serious the next time, it would be bad…”

The atmosphere turned solemn all of a sudden.

All the way in Italy, Jin Fengchen was completely unaware.

What he had told her a moment ago went completely unheeded by Jiang Sese. She even told his subordinates to conceal the truth from him.

Jiang Sese reached home with shopping bags in hand and walked directly inside.

Two little figures rushed toward her and clung to her each of her arms.

Being flanked on both sides, Jiang Sese simply knelt down. The next second, two kisses were planted on both her cheeks simultaneously.

Jiang Sese hugged Xiaobao and Tiantian in her arms, and her heart melted.

“Have you been good at home?” asked Jiang Sese.

Tiantian and Xiaobao replied in unison, “We were very obedient.”

Jiang Sese smiled, nodded, and
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