Chapter 910 Discovered

Jin Fengchen looked at Jiang Sese helplessly. He had not yet begun to guess when he heard the two children giggling. The sound grew louder and louder.

“Hahaha, daddy’s a dumb-dumb, he can’t guess…”

Tiantian teased her daddy honestly, and Xiaobao joined in on the fun.

Jin Fengchen huffed. “You two rascals, you’ve grown fearless after three days without a spanking?”

Jiang Sese laughed and reminded the children, “Do you hear that? If you keep laughing, daddy will spank you when he’s back.”

“Oh, daddy, don’t spank me! I’ll be good, I won’t laugh!” Tiantian sat up immediately and climbed into Jiang Sese’s arms. She got into the frame and promised Jin Fengchen.

Xiaobao did the same.

Jin Fengchen laughed and he said, “Okay, how could I hit you guys? However, the both of you must be good, don’t disturb mommy while she’s resting. Got it?”

“We know!” The two children nodded obediently.

When they were being noisy they could bring the house down, but they could be very obedien
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