Chapter 912 All But Destroyed

As the three trucks came close to the warehouse, there was a sudden clamoring from the alleyway where the warehouse was located. Screams of men followed by the clash of metal on metal.

“All of you, don’t even dream of running away!”

It was unclear who said this, but a few men came running out of the alley with panicked looks. They were holding meter-long steel pipes in their hands.

They were looking behind them nervously as they ran.

“Don’t think you can get away!”

Another group of men came running after them, they had metal bars in their hands too.

The two groups clashed again. It was bedlam, and it was impossible to tell who was on which side.

However, it was very clear that one side was at a disadvantage. When one of them saw that they had no way of winning, he pulled a knife out and slashed an oil barrel next to the road. The air started to fill with the thick odour of gasoline.

Everybody stopped and turned when they smelled the gasoline.

The man simply pulled out
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