Chapter 914 You Truly Are Ruthless

“We can’t afford to let them find out that I’m the one behind this, so you’re going to have to reveal yourself.” Jin Fengchen thought for a moment, before he spoke.

“I have to reveal myself?” Qisha could not control herself anymore. She jumped up like a spooked cat. “Jin, even though I decided to take responsibility for this, it’s too cruel for you to so callously suggest I do!”

She was beside herself with anger as she looked at him in disbelief.

She thought about how she had done so much for him and never demanded any gratitude; was there a need for him to be so cruel?

Jin Fengchen was very calm in the face of her agitation. He poured a glass of red wine and took a sip. He looked at her, his lips curled slightly. “What responsibility? Aren’t you doing this to get revenge for your subordinates?”

“I--” Qisha really wanted to retort, but he had spoken the truth. She could only admit it.

Jin Fengchen continued, “Therefore, all I’m hoping for is for the hate to be contained; if
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