Chapter 915 Surveillance

John continued, “Mr. Feng, our company’s research facility was infiltrated two days ago.”

John looked at Jin Fengchen from time to time, refusing to miss out on even his most minute reaction.

Jin Fengchen was extremely surprised to hear that the research facility had been infiltrated. “The research facility, infiltrated? How can that be?”

John looked at him silently.

Jin Fengchen feared it would be ineffective to keep pretending to be oblivious.

Therefore, he thought for a moment before he asked half-jokingly, “Mr. John, do you suspect me?”

John was still silent.

He had always suspected Jin Fengchen. From their recent exchange, his suspicions had only increased.

Jin Fengchen had not revealed anything in his words or his reactions. That just made him even more suspicious.

It was now time to see what else he had to say.

Jin Fengchen lowered his eyes, his gaze resting on the hand on his leg. In a moment, the air turned dead silent.

His face was calm, and there was noth
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Estelle Britz Niem
Does this story even have a purpose anymore? It's neverending.... At some poit it has to have an end?

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