Chapter 919 Ploy For Time

Qi Sha gave it serious thought, and felt like Jin Fengchen was not wrong.

Since they had achieved their aims, there really was no need to sell the medicinal herbs to them. If not they would have to take the effort to destroy it again.

“What will you do next?” Qi Sha asked.

“Return home.”

He missed Sese and the two kids.

Seeing the warmth that appeared in his eyes unconsciously, Qi Sha could not help but say mockingly, “You really can’t leave your wife.”

Originally, she had thought that Jin Fengchen would be single for the rest of his life given how unbearable his coldness was for any woman.

Who would have thought that not only would he be married, but he would also not be cold in front of his wife. He was even very warm and loving.

Qi Sha could never have dared to imagine it. That was why to this day she still could not fully believe it.

Jin Fengchen ignored her teasing, as he truly was unable to leave Jiang Sese.

“When I’m back, help me keep an eye on John. Inform
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