Chapter 92 Together Forever

Master and Madam Jin were looking for Xiaobao and Jin Fengchen inside the ballroom for the cake-cutting ceremony, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Madam Jin went up to Jin Fengyao and said, "Fengyao, find your brother and Xiaobao. It's time to cut the cake."

"Mom, don't worry. I'll go now."

He then went off to find his brother and nephew.

Next to them, Su Qingyin chimed in, "Auntie, I'll help look for them as well."

Madam Jin nodded.

Su Qingyin left as well.

She couldn't find them even after circling the entire venue. She had to ask a waiter in order to find out that the two of them seemed to have left for the deck.

Su Qingyin walked over. Even from a distance, she could see Jiang Sese having a meal with Jin Fengchen and Xiaobao. They looked joyous as they talked. In fact, they appeared to be just like a family.

This scene prompted her to ball her hands into fists.

Jiang Sese, blissfully ignorant of the pair of eyes staring at them, was giving Xiaobao his present.

It was th
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