Chapter 920 You’re Back

Jiang Sese had her cake with the two children before she went to the research facility.

She needed Mo Xie and Han Yu to help her find out what exactly was going on.

Who knew that when she left she was gone for the entire day. When Jin Fengchen returned at night and saw that she was not home. He asked everyone at home but nobody knew where she had gone.

“Sese said she had somewhere to be and went out. I did not ask her about the details.”

Seeing her son so anxious, Madam Jin felt that something was wrong. She then asked worriedly, “Is something wrong with Sese?”


Jin Fengchen did not want his mother to worry. After he reassured his mother, he returned to his room and called Jiang Sese.

The call was soon picked up.

“Young Master.”

It was not Sese’s voice, but Han Yu’s.

That meant that Sese was at the research facility!

Jin Fengchen instantly could guess what was going on. “What’s wrong with Sese?”

“The Young Mistress fainted.”

Jin Fengchen’s face instantly
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Tammy Evans Moore
Oh please... Sese and Fengchen have been through so much... they deserve a lifetime of happiness... Sese’s Grandfather needs to be told about the pathogen in her body!!! With his knowledge of herbs and medicines, he will figure out a way to save her!!

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