Chapter 921 Jiang Sese Will Die

Seeing his guilty expression, Jiang Sese could not help but feel guilty as well. “I’m sorry, I should not have lied to you.”

Her original intention was not to let him worry, but as it turned out he just blamed himself.

It felt like good intentions had led to bad outcomes.

“I’m not blaming you.”

Jin Fengchen gently touched her cheeks. His beautiful brows knit together. “You’ve lost weight.”

When she heard this, Jiang Sese’s eyes widened in amazement. “Have I?”

She had not noticed at all.


She was a lot thinner than before he had left the country. All of the flesh on her cheeks had disappeared, and she looked very frail.

Jin Fengchen felt guilt and anger, as he unconsciously tightened his grip on her hand.

Jiang Sese felt it, and she smiled helplessly when she saw him frowning so deeply.

She reached up to gently touch the space between his eyebrows and rubbed them until they stopped frowning.

“You look very ugly when you frown.” She said in jest, trying to
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