Chapter 924 A Pillbox

In the afternoon, Jiang Sese was reading in her room when the butler suddenly came and said, “Young Mistress, you have a guest.”

A guest?

Jiang Sese put down her book, her face apprehensive.

Who could it be?

Jiang Sese walked down. When she saw the person standing in the living room, she froze.

“Mother…” She exclaimed in disbelief.

Hearing the noise, Madam Fu turned. Her warm gaze fell on Jiang Sese, and she began to smile.

“Sese, long time no see.”

“Why are you here?” Jiang Sese rushed over, her face full of amazement.

“I was just back here and decided to come see you.”

Madam Fu looked around before she asked, “Have you been well recently?”

Ever since Jiang Sese and the children returned home, Master Fu and her have been worrying daily on how they were doing. They wondered if the Jin family was taking good care of them.

“I’m great. The children too. Fengchen and his family have treated me very well.”

Jiang Sese could tell what was on her mind, so she emphasiz
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