Chapter 925 Antidote

Madam Fu stared at the pillbox for a long while, and then asked probingly, “Sese, do you know what Jingyun is up to? He disappeared for so long and suddenly sent this thing back. Did he do anything shameful?”

She should know her son the best, but the fact was, she did not. Since her son disappeared, she realized that she did not know Jingyun at all.

Jiang Sese certainly could not tell her the truth, “It’s nothing, Mother. Jingyun just went to another place to research a drug."

“Then why doesn’t he contact the family?”

“Er…” Jiang Sese hesitated.

Seeing her acting awkwardly, Madam Fu could not help but get upset and exclaimed, “He really has done some despicable things then?”

“No,” Jiang Sese smiled awkwardly. She patted the back of Madam Fu’s hand and said calmly, “I just don't know how to explain it to you.”

Jiang Sese thought about it seriously and continued. “He didn't tell you because he was afraid that you would be worried. He has joined a research laboratory that needs to
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