Chapter 928 Are You Angry?

“Young Master, Bo Gelian has started to secretly investigate the SA Group.”

Gu Nian was so excited that he did not even knock. He just barged in.

Jin Fengchen raised his head and just glanced at him without saying anything.

“Young Master, your trick was really clever.” Gu Nian could not hold back his excitement when he imagined them fighting amongst themselves.

Bo Gelian deserved it for being so despicable and creating such a deadly pathogen. He even wanted to reap large profits from it.

“What did I do?” Jin Fengchen set the documents he was holding down and stared at him for a while.

Gu Nian was taken aback, “That… You did…”

Under his expressionless gaze, Gu Nian felt a sense of oppression. Fortunately, he was smart enough to react immediately and rephrased his statement. “Nothing. You did nothing, Young Master.”

Jin Fengchen lowered his head. “Control your emotions next time.”


Gu Nian then stepped forward, “Young Master, Pierce has been contacting me and keeps reques
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