Chapter 929 He Dares To Betray Me

After investigating for two days, Bai Li had discovered a large stash of Western Regions Chinese aconite and strychnine in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Italy.

The boxes containing the medicinal herbs were neatly stacked and were new.

From the look of it, the herbs had just been shipped to this warehouse recently.

Bai Li ordered his men, “Take photographs of all of these.”

They could not move any of the medicinal herbs so as to not arouse any suspicion. Nevertheless, they had to let Bo Gelian know that all of it was there.

“Done, Mister Bai.” A subordinate handed him the cell phone.

Bai Li took the phone, glanced at it, and nodded, “Keep a lookout. I’ll report to Mr. Bo Gelian.”


Bai Li rushed back overnight. Bo Gelian was ready to turn in, but was jolted awake.

“Have you found something?” Bo Gelian sat on the couch, glaring at Bai Li like a hawk.

Bai Li remained silent, only walking forward and handing him the phone, “See for yourself.”

“What is this?”

Bo Gelia
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