Chapter 942 Blame It On My Stubbornness

Fang Xueman sat next to Old Man Fang’s bed for nearly two hours. She barely moved.

Jiang Sese was worried that she could not bear it. “Mom, why don’t you rest. I’ll look after Grandpa.”

Fang Xueman shook her head. “It’s fine. I can do it.”

Her insistence pained Jiang Sese and exasperated her as well.

All that she could do was to stay with her.

“Sese,” Fang Xueman suddenly called for her.


“I was a bad daughter, wasn’t I?” Fang Xueman turned to look at her, eyes full of grief.

Jiang Sese did not answer.

She could not tell who was at fault back then. This was a matter between her mother and her grandfather. As a member of the younger generation, she could not comment.

“If I had listened to your Grandpa and Grandma, perhaps things would be different now, and your Grandma might not have left so soon.”

At that, Fang Xueman choked up. “It’s because I was unfilial. Why didn’t I come back earlier. Why…”

She hated her own pride and refusal to obey.

It led to her n
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