Chapter 946 Inconclusive

When Jiang Sese woke up, she found that she was in a car. She sat up in a daze and looked at the man who was driving.


When he heard her voice, Jin Fengchen unconsciously hit the brakes.


The tires made a sharp sound as it skid against the asphalt.

Jin Fengchen turned his head to see her sitting up. He asked anxiously, “Are you feeling unwell?”

Jiang Sese shook her head blankly. “No, why am I in the car?”

“You fainted.”

“I fainted?” Jiang Sese was even more dumbfounded.

Was she not feeding Tiantian, how did she suddenly faint?

Jin Fengchen did not know what was going on as well. He started driving again. “We’ll head to the research facility.”


Jiang Sese did not feel particularly unwell, so why would she suddenly faint?

This was a question only Mo Xie and Han Yu could explain clearly.

She suddenly thought about something and asked worriedly, “Where’s Tiantian?”

“Mom and dad are looking after her, don’t worry.”

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