Chapter 949 A Brief Interlude

When they returned to their seats, Tiantian brought up what had just happened.

“Mommy, big brother accidentally bumped into an aunty just now.”

When Jiang Sese heard this, she hurriedly asked Xiaobao, “Did you apologize?”

Xiaobao nodded. “Yes, I apologized to the aunty.”

Jiang Sese stroked his head in relief. “You’re really a good boy.”

“Mommy, that aunty is very beautiful.” Tiantian suddenly said. “When I grow up I want to be as pretty as her.”

When she heard her daughter praising someone else, Jiang Sese traded looks with Jin Fengchen before she pretended to be jealous and asked, “Tiantian, who is prettier? Mommy or that aunty?”


Tiantian cocked her head and looked at Jiang Sese for a long while before she said sweetly, “Of course mommy is prettier.”

Jiang Sese smiled and was about to praise her when Tiantian continued, “That aunty is also very pretty. Tiantian likes her.”

Jiang Sese could not but help but wonder about that woman’s looks for Tiantian to prais
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