Chapter 950 Don’t Be So Smug

When Fang Yuchen returned to his office and recalled what the directors had said, he adjusted his tie in irritation.

‘Damn it!’

Who among them had sabotaged this partnership?

“Mr. President, I’ve spoken to them again, they’re still unwilling to sign the contract.” His assistant walked over to his side and reported to him.

Fang Yuchen looked back. “Did they give a reason?”


Fang Yuchen frowned deeply. “How could there be no reason? I conducted these negotiations personally, and each condition was agreed to by both sides. They should provide some reason for suddenly not wanting to sign?”

The assistant did not understand why the other company would backtrack as well, because the Fang Group had provided the best prices and terms in the industry. Their decision was too incomprehensible.

Fang Yuchen took a deep breath, before he said with certainty, “There must be a saboteur.”

Furthermore, he could take a guess at who it was.

“What should we do now?” The assistant
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Fengchen will help Yuchen!!

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