Chapter 954 Mesmerized By You

When Jiang Sese and the others arrived at the hospital, the doctor was doing his usual examination on Old Man Fang. Fang Xueman stood by and watched.

They talked about Old Man Fang’s condition before placing the lunchboxes on the coffee table for Fang Xueman to eat something and regain her strength.

Fang Xueman nodded in agreement.

Shang Ying noticed her dour mood. She wanted to talk to Fang Xueman privately. Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen left of their own accord and went downstairs to take a walk.

Jiang Sese intertwined her hand with Jin Fengchen’s. She turned her head and asked, “Is Yuchen okay?”


“You’re lying.” Jiang Sese narrowed her eyes. “There must be a reason that he asked you to the Fang Group.”

Jin Fengchen smiled. “You’re thinking too much. There’s really nothing going on. We were just talking about our future partnership.”

“Really? Don’t lie to me.”

“Yeah, I’m not lying.” Jin Fengchen wrapped his arm around her shoulder and bent his waist slightly. H
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