Chapter 956 It’s All My Fault

“What the hell are you doing? Let me go!” Jiang Sese struggled to break free of his grasp.

However, he was too strong. She was no match for Fang Yanqin.


She had no other choice but to call out for help.

It was noisy all around and they were in a corner of the hall. Her voice was completely drowned out and Jin Fengchen, who was talking to someone, could not hear her at all.

“No one can hear you,” Fang Yanqin smiled triumphantly.

“Fang Yanqin! I’m your cousin. Are you crazy?” Jiang Sese glared at him.

She had noticed him looking strangely at her from the start, but she did not think too much about it. She did not expect him to be so brazen in his actions.

“I just wanted to have a chat.”

Looking at Fang Yanqin’s grin, Jiang Sese panicked and started struggling again. “Let me go!”

“My dear cousin, you’re making me sad.”

Fang Yanqin pulled her closer to him, then lowered his head.

Jiang Sese trembled all over. She struggled with all her might and shut her eyes subcon
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