Chapter 958 Is It That That Great To Be A Jin

“I would not let him off that easily too,” said Jiang Sese icily.

Everyone in the Fang family, be they Fang Yiming, Fang Yanxin, or Fang Yuchen, were praised by others.

Only Fang Yanqin was ‘different’.

There was no lack of scandals surrounding him. From female celebrities to models, the women around him were always different.

He was the perfect depiction of the hedonistic son of wealthy parents.

An idea suddenly flashed in Jiang Sese’s mind.

She immediately felt amused and laughed softly.

Jin Fengchen glanced at her and saw that she was giggling foolishly. The laughter infected him as well as he smiled and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“I thought of a way to teach Fang Yanqin a lesson,” she said.

“Oh?” Jin Fengchen arched his eyebrows. “How so?”


Jiang Sese was about to reveal her plan but paused and immediately changed her words. “You will know when the time comes. I won't tell you now.”

He did not expect her to say that. Jin Fengchen was obviously stunned, but he quic
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