Chapter 961 You’re The Best

“What happened?”

Fang Yanxin rushed in when he heard the noise and saw the broken glass on the floor. He then saw his brother and father confronting each other and frowned.

Fang Rui saw his eldest son and slightly suppressed his anger. “Your brother is too pigheaded and refuses to repent.”

‘Pigheaded and refuses to repent.’

Those words triggered Fang Yanqin’s anger and he exploded. “What nonsense are you talking about? It’s not like I killed anyone!”

Seeing that another argument was about to ensue, Fang Yanxin shouted, “Enough! Ah Qin, shut up.”

Fang Yanqin clenched his fists; his expression was that of reluctance.

He merely had some indecent thoughts. He never actually managed to do anything to Jiang Sese.

Fang Yanxin looked at his father and then at his younger brother before slowly speaking, “Ah Qin, I know you feel wronged. However, you are really in the wrong regarding this matter…”

“You too, Brother?” Fang Yanqin interrupted.

Fang Yanxin raised his hand and gestured for
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