Chapter 962 Inappropriate Actions

Jiang Sese headed downstairs and could not help but smile when she saw Xiaobao and Tiantian watching cartoons in the living room. Then, she headed into the kitchen.

Shang Ying was busy preparing dinner.

“Aunty, let me help you.”

Jiang Sese approached and looked around. She said she wanted to help, but did not know where to start.

Seeing that she was at a loss, Shang Ying smiled and said, “It’s alright. You may call them over for dinner.”

Jiang Sese turned around and left awkwardly. At this time, Fang Teng and Fang Yuchen had just returned.

“Uncle. Cousin,” greeted Jiang Sese. She then called the two little ones over, “Xiaobao, Tiantian, greet your uncle and granduncle.”

Fang Teng and Fang Yuchen did not expect to see two little children there and were very surprised.

“Grand Uncle. Uncle,” greeted Xiaobao and Tiantian obediently.

“Such a good boy and girl,” Fang Teng touched their heads lovingly.

Fang Yuchen picked Tiantian up affectionately and asked, “Did you miss me, Tianti
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