Chapter 964 Can They Be Trusted

Shang Ying really felt so sorry for Jiang Sese that her eyes teared up.

Jiang Sese could only comfort her repeatedly and told her that she was okay.

“If something like this happens again, you must tell us as soon as possible. We will definitely stand up for you!” Shang Ying grasped her hand tightly.

“I will,” nodded Jiang Sese.

A perfectly good dinner was ruined by the appearance of the Fang brothers.

The next day, Jiang Sese and Shang Ying took the two children to the hospital.

On the way, Jiang Sese reminded, “Youngest Aunt, please don't tell my mother about the incident.”

“I know. Even if you didn’t remind me, I would never tell her,” said Shang Ying as she patted the back of her hand.

“Thank you, Youngest Aunt.”

Shang Ying pretended to be cross and glared at her. “There you go thanking me again.”

Jiang Sese just smiled then remained silent the rest of the journey.

At the hospital, a wide and pleasant smile formed on Fang Xueman’s pale face when she saw Xiaobao and Tianti
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