Chapter 973 Can Your Attitude Be Better

When Fang Yuchen returned to the office, he was met with an angry voice scolding him.

“You little brat, why didn’t you tell us directors about such a major incident?”

It was Master Yang.

The other directors had gone to the meeting room. Only he had waited for Fang Yuchen in the President’s office.

“Grandpa Yang.” Fang Yuchen walked over and greeted him politely.

Master Yang huffed loudly. “You still know how to call me Grandpa Yang, seems like you haven’t forgotten about me yet.”

He looked at the closed door and lowered his voice to ask, “Brat, what’s going on? Why did the warehouse catch fire?”

Fang Yuchen answered honestly, “We’re not sure yet. The police are still investigating.”

When Master Yang heard this, he frowned deeply. “From what you’re saying, this isn’t an accident.”

“That’s correct. It is not.” When he said this, Fang Yuchen lowered his head. His mood seemed to be very down.

Master Yang had been in the business world for so many years and he had never
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